Greetings dear parents,

Welcome to RORO Hidden Valley Camp!

RORO Hidden Valley Camp was founded by John Carpenter and Elaine Anderson in 2003. The camp was specifically designed to help the youngsters stay active, improve their social and communication skills, and discover their abilities. As any other camps, it can also help them to be more independent and develop their personality. Let them meet some new friends and experience the great outdoors.

As we all know, many children are more interested with gadgets and prefer to play video games than spending time with outdoor activities. Let’s give them a chance to have the best childhood! And this camp is more than willing to help parents give just that. Let them experience and appreciate the beauty of nature!

Privacy and Safety

The world we live in is unfortunately no longer kiddie safe so we are doing our bit to keep your children safe, away from prying eyes and unwanted attention. For this reason we are keeping our site generic and purely informational. Your children’s photos will never be posted here unless we specifically request your approval in writing and receive written confirmation from you.


Our location changes each season depending on several factors and availability of facilities. This keeps things fresh and exciting for both children and staff. We do not post our location information for any event online to help us maintain the privacy of your children. We ask you to sign a contract with us when paying your deposit to not include anything other than our camp name on any of your social media profiles. Please ensure your children do likewise. Let’s keep everything as safe and secure as possible together.

All our staff are subjected to annual clearance checks and new or seasonal employees must provide excellent references to be accepted for a position in our camp. You can be sure your young ones are in the very best of care.


Choose the best camp in your area! Visit RORO Hidden Valley Camp and register now! (currently we are only able to accept applications by email however in future we will have an online process).



A special thank you to our sponsors who have allowed us to offer scholarships to a number of local children over the past few years and without whom we would not be able to continue making our programs accessible to others in the future. Orange County Limo Services , Frapys Mission Viejo and Dancespot in Newport Beach.  If you would like to sponsor a child’s position at camp or make a donation towards the scholarship fund, please contact us.




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